Calc Rx is an outpatient prescription calculator that makes determining dispense quantities and billable days supply fast and effortless.  Simply tap in the sig (directions) and Calc Rx does the rest.  Complex steroid tapers, warfarin regimens, ear/eye drops, liquids, and more are all a snap.  Pharmacists, pharmacy techs, nurses, and prescribers will be amazed by the time saved by this useful little app!

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  • 5 calculators specific to common outpatient dosage forms and regimens (tablets/capsules, oral liquids, ear/eye drops, insulin, and warfarin)
  •  fully equipped standard calculator with complete history display
  • automatic quantity calculations for 30 and 90 day supplies
  •  unlimited undo for precision editing
  • future fill date calculator


  • requires iOS 8.0 or higher
  • iPhone (4s to 6 Plus) or iPod touch

Tablets and capsules

Tapering regimens can be calculated in seconds, no matter how complicated

Ear & eye drops

No problem


A huge time saver!